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PhoneGap Training

Phone Gap Training in Deoria is organized by PCEsolutions. PCEsolutions is a leading Industrial training institute in Deoria. We provide most learning environment for major technical course at affordable price. The best Phone Gap training institute in Deoria offers the best technical IT training for the regarding course. We provide basic and advanced level Phone Gap Training in Deoria with proper practically knowledge. At PCEsolutions, Phone Gap Training is offered by industry experts having 2-5 Yrs. Of experience.

I am thankful to a PCEsolutions learning, the expert professionals web designing institute who have support me in having a magnificent chance in finishing my web-designing course because of which I am working in IT Company as the UI Designer. It is come true by the supreme teaching programs offer to achieve information and proficiency in my domain.
Sarvesh Dixit

PhoneGap Syllabus of www.pcesolutions4u.com
1- Introduction of PhoneGap
  • Advantages of PhoneGap
  • Introduction of HTML, CSS, java script
  • Downloading and installing PhoneGap
  • PhoneGap Developer App
  • Create Default PhoneGap Project

2- Config file
  • Basic config.xml file
  • Core Configuration Elements
  • Platform independent/Global properties
  • The platform Element
  • Adding icons
  • Adding splash screen
  • Phonegap Device Ready

3- Events, Device Ready
4- GUI Designing
  • Introduction to jQuery Mobile
  • Adding jQuery Mobile to Your Web Pages
  • Adding multiple Pages in jQuery Mobile
  • Using Pages as Dialogs
  • jQuery Mobile Transition Effects
  • Adding GUI components like Buttons, Grids, Forms, Icons, Themes, Events using JQUERY mobile

5- Hardware Plugin APIs

6- Camera
  • Introduction to camera API
  • Accessing device camera
  • Taking picture
  • Select picture from existing device's photo gallery

7- Accelerometer

8- Geolocation
  • Getting to Know Geolocation
  • The Position, Position error, and Coordinates Objects
  • Using Geolocation Methods
  • Using Geolocation Options
  • Improving the Look and Feel

9- Networking
  • Connection interfacing
  • Checking for network
  • Network information

10- Device Information and Vibration Plugin
  • Getting information from device
  • Device's vibration functionality

11- Storage
  • Database using SQLite
  • How to uses SQLite web API
  • Adding tables
  • Insert data
  • Querying data/read data
  • Deleting table
  • Updating data
  • Basic Queries
  • Storing Session Data with sessionStorage

12- Media
  • Learning about Media Files
  • The Media Object
  • Using Media Methods
  • Handling Errors

13- Files
  • Learning about File systems
  • Learning about Directories and Files
  • Reading Files
  • Writing Files
  • Learning about Transferring Files
  • Handling Errors

14- Contacts
  • Learning about Creating Contacts
  • Finding a Contact
  • Deleting a Contact
  • Handling Errors

15- Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for Mobile
  • Understanding Same Origin Policy
  • Receiving text from server

16- Deploying your app
  • Using Phonegap Build
  • Sign your app with a distribution key
  • Deploying on Device
  • Markets (Google Play / Amazon)