Html CSS Javascript and php Training
We Also Provide Training in PHP, Wordpress, Drupal, Codeigniter, Laravel and Much more.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP

This program assists beginners and advanced users by allowing them to learn a skill through participation in the live projects rather than by only attending classes. We also provide placement services to the students who complete our courses with distinction.

I am thankful to a PCEsolutions learning, the expert professionals web designing institute who have support me in having a magnificent chance in finishing my web-designing course because of which I am working in IT Company as the UI Designer. It is come true by the supreme teaching programs offer to achieve information and proficiency in my domain.
Sarvesh Dixit

Our Training period focused on practical project based .Around 80% classes based on Project work mainly e-commerce (Shoping cart of online payment ) So, after completing Training trainee will be capable of doing any projects.

HTML, CSS, JS & PHP Syllabus of
1- Introduction to HTML5
  • What is HTML5?
  • Setting Up the Coding Applications to Create HTML Page
  • Creating Your First HTML page
  • Formatting and Adding Tags & Previewing in a Browser
  • Tag references And their Work
  • Project Management

2- Layout and Design with CSS3
  • Setting out with CSS3
  • Controlling Page Layout
  • Backgrounds, borders, colours, and text
  • CSS3 Selectors
  • CSS3 References
  • Using Web Fonts

3- HTML5 Forms

4- Creating static website using Html, CSS

5- Some basic CSS properties
  • Block vs inline elements
  • Div's and spans
  • Border properties
  • Create Block
  • Create View file
  • Create Router
  • Binding of a template system to block

6- Overview of Java Script

7- Variables, Function, Flow Control Structure, operator

8- PHP Basics
  • Introduction of PHP, Data Types, Operators
  • Installing Local Server (XAMPP/WAMPP)
  • Echo function, conditional tag (If Else)
  • Loop (While loop, For Loop)
  • Array (Numeric, Associative , Multi-Dimensional)
  • For each loop in array
  • Functions
  • Switch Case
  • OOPS
  • Database , Mysql Data Types, Creating Tables

9- PHP Project: Shopping Cart
  • Setting up HTML template for PHP project
  • Creating 'register' table ,registeration Page with array validation
  • Login panel using session
  • Setting up my profile page menu visible when logged in else hide
  • Admin Panel /Backend creation
  • Creating 'category', 'color', 'products' table, understanding foreign id
  • Create add category ,add color page
  • Creating add products page
  • Create image upload ,validation random image name
  • Product listing page
  • Product editing page with query string
  • Create CMS page management 'page' table, add,edit,list page
  • Display page through menu item in frontend
  • Frontend category wise product listing
  • Creating product details page using query string
  • Creating cart page , 'cart' table
  • Using inner join to dsiplay product in cart page
  • Managing quantity update, product remove from cart page
  • Creating delevery information page
  • Creating order review page
  • Showing cart summary in right side
  • Implementing paypal payment gatway for online payment
  • Implementing payumoney payment gatway for online payment
  • Manage purchase order in admin panel
  • Showing order details for user when logged in
  • Creating contact us page to send email
  • Using cookies to remember admin login details

10- Creating Modules
  • Creating Email import application using file handling
  • Creating basic newsletter application & Sending E-mail
  • Implementing captcha in registration page to prevent spam
  • Implementing pagination in our product listing page

11- Moving PHP Project from localhost to live server
  • Finalize project in localhost(local server)
  • Ftp to upload files to server
  • Creating & connecting databse and user in live server