Laravel Training
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Syllabous that we teach in Laravel

This program assists beginners and advanced users by allowing them to learn a skill through participation in the live projects rather than by only attending classes. We also provide placement services to the students who complete our courses with distinction.

I am thankful to a PCEsolutions learning, the expert professionals web designing institute who have support me in having a magnificent chance in finishing my web-designing course because of which I am working in IT Company as the UI Designer. It is come true by the supreme teaching programs offer to achieve information and proficiency in my domain.
Sarvesh Dixit

Our Training period focused on practical project based .Around 80% classes based on Project work mainly e-commerce (Shoping cart of online payment ) So, after completing Training trainee will be capable of doing any projects.

Laravel Syllabus of
1- Introduction of Laravel PHP Framework
  • Installing Laravel
  • Artisan CLI ( command-line interface )
  • Laravel Directory Structure
  • Configuring a new Laravel project

2- Setting up a sample project ' Hello World '
  • Artisan command to generate boiler plate code for a controller
  • Basic routing
  • Call a controller method from a route
  • Passing variables from controllers to views

3- HTML Template to Laravel Blade Template
  • Template inheritance
  • Master layout
  • Extending the master layout
  • Displaying variables
  • Blade conditional statements
  • Blade Loops
  • Executing PHP functions in blade
  • Displaying Your Views
  • Creating and using a basic views
  • Loading a view into another view/nested views
  • Adding assets
  • Integrating with Bootstrap

4- Migrations
  • Introduction
  • Requirements for running migrations
  • Artisan migration command
  • Migration structure
  • How to create a table using a migration
  • Laravel migration rollback
  • Database seeding
  • Migrations for our project database

5- Using Forms and Gathering Input
  • Creating contact us form
  • Validating user input
  • Sending email
  • Creating a file uploader
  • Validating a file uploader
  • Creating a custom error message

6- Creating a registration & user login form

7- Admin Panel Setup
  • Introduction
  • Setup Admin Panel using Bootstrap theme
  • Cretae Admin login
  • Creating an admin authentication system
  • Encrypting and decrypting data

8- Using Controllers and Routes for URLs and APIs
  • Introduction
  • Creating a basic controller
  • Creating a route using a closure
  • Making the controller RESTful
  • Using route groups
  • Building a RESTful API with routes

9- Eloquent ORM ( Storing and Using Data )
  • Eloquent ORM Models
  • Naming conventions
  • Table name and primary keys
  • Timestamps
  • Using models in controllers
  • Displaying data from models in views

10- Creating and Using Composer Packages
  • Introduction
  • Downloading and installing packages
  • Using a basic Shopping Cart package in our project

11- Using Ajax and jQuery
  • Introduction
  • Getting data from another page
  • Setting up a controller to return JSON data
  • Creating an Jquery,AJAX comment system

12- Security & Session

13- Laravel Project : News Portal
  • Create Database tables for news project
  • Create Model for all database tables
  • Define Model Relation ex: belongsTo, hasMany
  • Setup admin panel
  • Create CRUD for News ,category inside admin panel
  • Create controller to display news and category
  • Use laravel built in pagination on news listing page
  • Create comment system using jquery,ajax
  • Finalizing our news portal project